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It's Lab Week! 7 Ways to Support a Hospital Lab Near You

April 19-25, 2020 is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

We are Lab is pleased to honor medical laboratory workers in hospitals throughout the world. From life-threatening COVID testing to routine thyroid function testing, now more than ever medical laboratory professionals are crucial to performing the tests physicians need to diagnose and treat patients.

Laboratory testing saves lives.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we save lives using our gadgets like microscopes where we find pathogenic bacteria, or blood pathogens like malaria. We prepare for the worst by ensuring an adequate supply of blood units are available for the patient fighting to stay alive after a gunshot wound, we utilize clinical scientific theory and multiple forms of innovative technology to interpret and report lab results. We alert physicians who rely on lab results to diagnose and treat the unresponsive patient. Although with careful measures and protective personal equipment, we come in contact with viruses such as coronavirus to analyze and deliver the COVID-19 results that impact our families and the community around us. Surprised to learn how impactful lab is?

Much of the public is surprised, and that’s okay. Medical laboratory professionals are truly your hospital’s unseen heroes. With everything in the news about COVID-19, Laboratory Week is a great time to recognize and bring light to this essential healthcare profession.

Here are 5 ways to support a hospital clinical laboratory near you:

1. Donate blood

Blood donors and collection staff continue to save lives amid COVID-19.

Medical laboratory Blood Banks (Transfusion Services) must maintain an adequate blood supply for numerous instances. Blood products are critical for emergency use in life-threatening events such as shootings, motor vehicle accidents, and post-partum hemorrhages for women after giving birth; surgical procedures including heart surgery and C-sections; acute and chronic anemia, and sickle cell anemia. Become someone’s hero and donate blood

2. Shout Out

Show support of lab professionals. Sadly, lab workers are often, but unintentionally, forgotten when it comes to public support, recognition and value of healthcare workers. Unfortunately this is also common within hospitals. Hospitals rely on lab professionals to give results that provide urgent answers to treat patients at any time; day or night. Lab workers may be smaller in number, they may not visit the patient rooms, but lab has a HUGE impact on patient care. Laboratory workers are patient advocates behind the scenes.

Lab week is an awesome time to show support on social media! Share a post, share meme, tag a lab worker you know and thank them for their work. Share this article.

Add lab to that list on the right 🙃Thanks! Sincerely Lab Techs!

3. Food & Water

We all love food! Support a lab this week by ordering a platter of goodies or take out for the staff (all three shifts), don’t forget vegetarians! Remember desserts: Cake, cookies, and ice cream!

Also, staying hydrated in a busy lab can be challenging for lab workers constantly on their feet. Access to drinking water is sometimes challenging since fountains are not permitted in the laboratory and a busy shift and short staff can create difficulty breaking away to stay hydrated. Forgetting water is unfortunately common among all healthcare workers.

4. Offer personal help/Volunteer

April is National Volunteer Month. Have any free time? Volunteer to help with errands, household duties, or baby-sitting for the lab parent who must continue working at this time.

5. Gifts

Do you know a lab worker personally? I’m sure he or she would appreciate a nice gift like this bottle from

6. Support local students

Clinical rotations are VERY stressful for lab students. If there’s a community college near you chances are it has a medical laboratory technician program. With most colleges closed at this time supporting students may not be an option (NOW); however, once COVID is over and schools are back in session, support them by any of the previous examples listed. As someone who was once a stressed out, cash-strapped medical lab science student going through clinicals, I loved freebies!


Ok so this is a bonus tip given the circumstances with COVID. STAY IN for us! The sooner we can move past COVID-19, the better it will be for all of us!

Jalisa Foulds, MLS (ASCP) cm

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